FemAlpha Experiment

now this should be fun!

Meet Miss FemAlpha February 17, 2009

Hi folks.  Welcome to my first attempt at blogging.  This is meant to be an experiment, and I think it will be a lot of fun.  I’m fascinated by this new ‘game’ theory that all the guys I know are pounding into their heads.  While I think it’s pretty ridiculous (I mean, how many times do I have to be asked whether he can read my palm, or whether he’s taller than his friend…), I have to acknowledge that it does seem to be based on psychological underpinnings that intrigue me.  Specifically, I’ve learned two things by hanging out with my guy friends who ascribe to these theories and reading blogs of guys who promote them [see roissy.wordpress.com for exhibit A]:

1)  Men value physical appearance over every other quality a woman could possibly possess.  Forget trying to perfect your cooking skills, bedroom skills, or social skills.  A woman could be a cold fish mute who couldn’t tell a pomegranate from a pineapple and every guy I know would line up to bang her if she’s hot.

2)  Women place far less value on appearance when seeking a mate, looking to non-visual cues such as social status, wealth, power, intelligence, and attractiveness to other women.  This is why women defy all logic by competing with one another unnecessarily, hunting married men, and going after losers just because they happen to be desired by other women.

So those are my epiphanies.  Now to my experiment.

My goal is to date and flirt mindfully.  Kind of like how people tell you to eat mindfully, where you take each bite, savor it in your mouth, and spend time assessing its flavor, texture, aroma and appearance – the opposite of shoving something down your throat when your stomach’s growling.  So I’m going to try to be aware of both game tactics – conscious and unconscious – employed by the men in my dating life and my mental and physical reactions to those tactics.  Cheers!

Oh, and now I have a new slogan, courtesy of my posts on the army guys who visited the colbert report (see the alphas/betas category):  rank means nothing,  title means nothing.  confidence means everything.


4 Responses to “Meet Miss FemAlpha”

  1. Racer X Says:

    Well it is nice to see that you have a blog db. I look forward to hearing about all your adventures.

  2. maurice Says:

    Good to find you – I am a fellow reader of Roissy and I found you from there. Very nice blog – you are perceptive, smart, funny, and write well. And from the 1/4 of your face I’ve seen, you are beautiful too. I look forward to reading your adventures! Are you also in DC?

  3. Lucius Vorenus Says:

    How old are you?

    Because, quite frankly, some of the stuff you’ve written here is simply infantile, and if you’re in your mid- to late-twenties, then there just isn’t time left for this nonsense before your ovaries start to shut down and your womb goes barren.

    These are the sorts of things you should have been experimenting with back in junior high school.

    If you are as old as I fear you are, then you need to be on the prowl for a husband.

    Or else prepared to birth little bastards out of wedlock.

  4. askjoe Says:

    I also just clicked on here from Roissy. It is interesting to read through your perspective (the female mind, she is scary) and I am glad that I don’t recognize any of my dates on your bad game posts.

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